Welcome to S&S Activewear Website & System Transition

Accessing Your S&S Account

If you are a new customer of S&S and have NOT set up a new password for your account, please check the email registered with your old TSC account for the password link. Once you set up a new password, you can access your new S&S account. If you can’t find the reset password link in your mailbox, add [email protected] to safe senders and click the reset password link below. Reset Password

General Overview
  • Getting Started

    As part of the integration with S&S Activewear, we’ve transitioned the TSC Apparel website and systems to the S&S Activewear website and systems on December 30th, 2021. You can no longer place orders at tscapparel.com and will now be redirected to ssactivewear.com for all your ordering needs. We are excited to bring you this platform with all the services and support S&S Activewear has to offer!

  • Website Orders & System Conversion

    All historical TSC orders placed before 5:00 PM EST on December 30th will be available along with tracking info and account statements 24-48 hours after the website transition within your S&S Activewear account. Historical order information is provided going back to January 1st, 2019. Your general account information and addresses are currently available within your new S&S account, so you can begin ordering.

  • Ordering Locations

    As part of the acquisition, we are integrating the TSC business into S&S’s current operations. This means we are consolidating all TSC warehouses into S&S’s distribution network. As of December 30th at 5:00 PM EST, the TSC warehouses are no longer online, and you now have access to inventory from all 6 of S&S’s distribution centers across the country. To learn more, please visit our shipping coverage page: Shipping Coverage Please note the current TSC locations will be available for Will Call/Pick Up orders through December 17th. All remaining orders not picked up will be shipped to their final destination. You can expect more brand offerings and reliable and fast shipping from the S&S distribution network. When global supply chains begin to normalize, you will also benefit from a greater depth of inventory.

  • TSC Club Program
    The TSC Club program will no longer be active starting December 31st, 2021. Customers who paid the $50 annual membership fee and still have an active membership for the program at the end of the year will receive a prorated credit on their account based on the time remaining on the annual program.
    Program Join Date
    Q2 2020
    Q3 2020
    Q4 2020
    Refund Due
    Any rebate funds earned through the program for Q4 will be issued as historically issued in Q1 2022. With S&S Activewear, our pricing structure comes with more simplicity that provides all customers access to competitive baseline price levels without paying a membership fee. We are excited to offer these benefits and more to you.
How To Use The Website
  • Website Info Deck

    Learn how to navigate and use all the important features on the new S&S Activewear website in this presentation.

  • Web Video Guides & FAQ

    Our web video guides show you how to use important features on the site. Video Guides For any other questions please refer to our FAQ FAQ

Tultex at S&S
  • Tultex

    We are in the process of setting up all Tultex styles on ssactivewear.com and bringing in inventory to our distribution centers. We expect to begin activating certain Tultext styles on S&S in the next couple of weeks and should be in full line in Q1.

Customer Service Tools
  • General

    We are available in many ways to help get you what you need. Please note the current TSC Apparel website and system will no longer be available starting December 31st, 2021. All customer service will be transitioning to ssactivewear.com. We are committed to offering you the same level of customer service you have consistently received through the resources below. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected] or call us at 800-523-2155.

  • Returns Process

    Complete your returns on ssactivwear.com with the online returns feature. Access this feature from your account and eliminate the need to call or email customer service. You can instantly receive printing labels and packing instructions and simplify the processing of replacement orders. Please be sure to check out our return policy here.

  • Help Center

    At our Help Center, you can track a package, make a return or replacement for damaged or missing goods, or use the Report an Issue for all other inquiries and concerns. Here you will also be able to find our contact information and operating hours and locations. You can also request any information you need through our Info Request Portal. It is a customer favorite for requesting information from our customer service team. Bookmark the link for easy access!

  • Chat Feature

    You can speak directly with one of our customer service representatives through the chat feature on our website Monday – Friday 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM CST.

New Marketing Tools
  • Generic Websites & Virtual Designer

    We now give our customers access to a generic website - Sportswear Collection (one version with pricing and another one without). Customers also have the option to customize their own version of the generic websites by adding their logo and business information. Simply select from several eye-catching website templates that we’ll personalize to your business in a few short steps. Custom Websites Create your own virtual mockups in a matter of minutes with our Virtual Designer tool. Access the tool from any of the product pages and make the products your own with your designs. Download or easily share mockups with your customers through email.

  • Image + Data Library & Digital Swatch Cards

    Customers now have the ability to download images directly from our image library. Image Library Access to all of our product data available through our API in an Excel file, including inventory and pricing. The data is generated on demand, to ensure the most up to date information. Data Library Customers can download and share all available swatch cards from our brand partners. Digital Swatch Cards

  • Electronic Integrations & Freight Optimizer

    We give our customers four different options to integrate with our website. Electronic Integrations Our ordering system takes the guess work out of what the most efficient way is to receive all your items from our different distribution centers by grouping items into the most efficient way.

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