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Integrate with S&S Activewear using one of the following methods.


Electronic Integration

API is our newest and most powerful EDI option. We highly recommend choosing this option over FTP as new options will only be supported via API.

  • Gain access to all of our product data
  • Place orders and receive an instant order confirmation
  • View your open and historical order information, such as order status, tracking and more
  • Includes inventory and pricing
  • Data is provided in json or XML formats through a REST API
  • For more information, visit


Electronic Integration

Our FTP based EDI has been around for the longest and is the easiest for legacy systems to work with. FTP has disadvantages, we suggest any new EDI implementations use our REST API. Not all features supported in the API are available via FTP.

  • Gain access to all of our product data
  • Place orders
  • Includes inventory (No Pricing)
  • The data is provided in Excel or XML formats. The product data updates nightly. Inventory file updates every 15 minutes
  • Please contact us at


Electronic Integration

S&S has integrated with PromoStandards, a data standard designed to increase efficiency and communication between distributors and suppliers in the apparel industry. We've implemented all four of the standards:

  • Electronic Access to Inventory
  • Electronic Access to Order Status
  • Automatic Order Shipment Notification
  • Electronic Access to Data
  • For more information visit

Data Library

Electronic Integration

The data library is perfect for those who only need access to our data a few times and do not have computer programmers on staff.

  • Gain access to all of our product data available through our API in an Excel file
  • Includes inventory and pricing
  • Data is provided in Excel files
  • The data is generated on demand, to ensure the most up to date information
  • Explore our data library

S&S Activewear is partnering with companies to offer you solutions for all of your company’s management needs.



Shop Management

Stokkup is a revolutionary program that will boost efficiency and shop communication. From creating a work ticket, sourcing garments and sending artwork approvals to the dark room and scheduling production, efficiency of work flow are crucial. If your shop is in need of work flow management and you’re tired of the other bulky PC looking programs on the market, Stockkup is the new age answer to this classic issue. Main features:

  • Client management
  • Orders Dashboard
  • Organized Purchase orders
  • Global search capabilities
  • Reporting
  • Custom pricing matrix
  • Seamless Affiliate orders
  • S&S Integration
  • Shipping integration
  • Customization of user types
  • Scheduling
  • Job costing


  • Basic $299/month ($750 Setup Fee)
  • Enterprise $750/month ($500 Setup Fee)


Shop Management

Printavo is an simple, cloud-based tool for print, embroidery, DTG and promotional product companies to manage their shop. We keep your shop organized by handling scheduling, estimating, quote approvals, work flow, payments, accounting and more. Printavo works with shops from 1 to 50 employees in size all over the world to help become more efficient and organized.

  • Scheduling calendar
  • Estimating
  • Artwork approval
  • Work flow management
  • Customer messaging
  • Automation
  • Accounting/Quickbooks Integration
  • Collect payments
  • Tablet/mobile friendly


Online Designer + Business Management

Printers and embroiderers face countless challenges every day. Juggling production schedules, customer quote requests, while at the same time struggling accurate pricing in software NOT designed for our industry and making their business accessible to the modern consumer.

Featuring a website and online design plus business tools including quote and order management, artwork approval, purchasing and production management, DecoNetwork is a website and business software platform designed for the printing and embroidery industry and solves the costly challenges for decorators.

With no lock-in contracts or set-up fees, and available for an affordable monthly subscription DecoNetwork software to help you work smarter, not harder in your Print & Embroidery business.



Online Designer + Business Management

InkSoft is a complete business solution custom built for the print industry. Increase sales, boost productivity and run a better business. Main features:

  • S&S Activewear Products
  • Online Designer
  • Designs/Clip Art
  • Sell online
  • Online Stores
  • Quotes/Invoices
  • Order Management


  • Studio $99/month ($999 Activation Fee)
  • Professional $199/month ($1,999 Activation Fee)
  • Professional Plus $499/month ($4,999 Activation Fee)
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